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Soccer players between the ages of 8-17 will benefit more if they are taught technical ball skills in a nurturing 1 on 1 environment.


The session’s attention will be dedicated to the student for approximately 1 hour. The session will have a specific lesson, tailor-made for the individual and will focus on the following skill sets:

  • Ball control
  • Passing and receiving
  • Dribbling
  • Shooting
  • Defending
  • Balance
  • Coordination


Once the player has developed a strong grasp of these skill sets (after a few sessions), continue to the more advanced focus such as

  • Juggling
  • Dribbling moves
  • Finishing
  • Plyometric strength training
  • Heading

1-1 Sessions

  • Once we have received confirmation of your payment, our team will reach out to you to schedule your one-on-one session(s). We aim to find a time and day that is most convenient for both the coach and the parent/player

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