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Soccer Field

Frequently Asked Questions

Uniform and Training Jersey

  • It is mandatory to attend all practices with the training jersey and bring black shorts. white socks, cleats and shin guards.

  • Players won’t be able to participate in games and/or mini-games without their uniform, please order it as soon as possible


Please note, the uniform takes a couple weeks to be delivered to the field, please make sure to confirm the training jersey fits before ordering (players will not be able to participate in mini-games and/or league games without a uniform).

Development Program

Ravens Development Program focuses on building a strong foundation for beginning soccer players. We are looking to awaken love and passion for the game of soccer, teach players technical skills, foot work for ball control, passing and shooting while implementing our exclusive Night Ravens coaching style for all of our teams.


There are no “competitive” games in the development level. We strive to develop soccer skills in a progressive way and to introduce your children to the all aspect of games in a safe end encouraging environment via MiniGames.

How are the players placed?

We split the class based on a multitude of factors including developmental age, physiological age, and skill level. This process may take up 2 months for the coaches to properly evaluate your child and place them on to a proper team.

Development Program
Selective Teams

Selective teams participate in a more traditional competitive league while the Ravens Development is the bridge between recreational soccer and a competitive level. Many players on our Selective Teams have come up through the Raven family via our Development program.

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