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We are a soccer academy that works towards the development of all children in an all-inclusive environment. Through US Soccer Education, new methods of coaching are being implemented every time we jump on the field.


Within US Soccer methodology, the belief that no child gets left behind is true now more than ever. No matter the level of play in soccer, Raven’s coaches are willing to put in the work to keep your player engaged in every single session.

We create a safe environment where children thrive in competition against peers of their own, focusing on just the fun of the game by using our methods to provide a learning experience. 

We take care of the beginners process by taking them through a suitable pace where they can build up their confidence in order to enjoy and learn from the game as well as make the sport of soccer a part of their lives as they grow. Two of the Ravens’ fundamental keys to achieve maximum potential are teamwork and sportsmanship which we emphasize continuously.

Through our “Mini Games” young players get the chance to apply their skills as well as improve at their own pace without the pressure of winning or losing.

Our U.S. Soccer certified coaches develop programs for your child, regardless of experience level, that will challenge them on the field through team building, overcoming, accomplishment, and positivism. These are tools that your child will be able to implement off the field in daily life in order to accomplish their personal goals and head in the right direction.

For experienced players, we challenge them on and off of the field by using the sport as a tool to achieve their goals in life. 

Night Ravens FC Youth Players in El Paso, TX

All of our programs are developed by U.S. Soccer certified coaches to guide your child towards the right direction to achieve their personal goals. We place the highest priority on safety by following the U.S. Soccer Return to Play safety Guidelines.

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